Owning a home doesn’t begin or end at closing. It starts long before walking into a bank or calling a realtor and doesn’t have to end at the first home you buy. There are plenty of options available to potential buyers from all walks of life. HUD approved housing counseling agencies, like the National Urban League affiliates, offer financial education and individualized coaching from certified housing counselors to help prepare you to purchase the home of your dreams.

We will be with you each step of the way - join us on the journey to becoming a homeowner below!

Step 1: Dream Big.

Dream Big - Fannie

Take a second, close your eyes, and imagine our ideal home. What color would your bedroom bed? Would it have curtains, blinds, maybe both? Would you go with the something more traditional or choose a more modern aesthetic?

Your dream home isn’t about where it is or how it looks, it’s how it makes you feel. The best part is, owning your own home isn’t impossible, and the National Urban League can help you get on the path to home ownership regardless of where you start.

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Step 2: Get advice + Make a Plan.

Get Advice - Fannie Mae

The prospect of buying a home can be daunting. Almost every commercial you see or hear mentions pre-approvals, down payments, taxes, interest rates and insurance. It can be a lot to take in and manage on your own, but the National Urban League provides you with free, professional housing counseling to help you weigh your options, sort out your finances, build credit and prepare you for home ownership at each step of the way.

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Step 3: Follow Your Budget.

Follow Your Budget.Did you know that in many cities, renting is more expensive than owning a home? More often than not, you can actually get more for your money as a homeowner depending on your finances.

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Step 4: Becoming a Homeowner.

So you’re ready. You’ve done the research, partnered with your local Urban League affiliate for housing counseling, and become a homeowneryou’re ready to purchase your home. It’s an exciting journey and a huge accomplishment.

Share the excitement with others who have gone through our counseling and came out as homeowners on the other side.

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Step 5: Build Your Future.

build your future

As a homeowner there is an opportunity to get to know your neighbors, participate in street fairs and have your voice heard in your community. 

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Visit a Urban League Affiliate Today

Visit one of the affiliate pages to find out when the next homeownership workshop is taking place in your area:

Buffalo Urban League

Chicago Urban League

Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis

While this program focuses on homeownership opportunities in Buffalo, Chicago, and St. Louis, many of our Urban League affiliates offers comprehensive housing counseling as a part of their housing program. Contact your local Urban League today or reach out to us to find out how you can learn more.