White Supremacist Terrorism Is A Global Phenomenon We Must Confront

By National Urban League
Published 11 AM EDT, Sat Oct 19, 2019
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March 15, 2019 -- National Urban League President and CEO Marc H. Morial today issued the following statement in response to the  to the racist terrorist attack at two New Zealand mosques:

“Like most of the world, the Urban League Movement was devastated by news of the racist terrorist attack at two mosques in New Zealand. Our hearts are with our brothers and sisters in New Zealand and the Muslim community around the world.

“The ideology of white supremacy has spread like a virus across the globe, shared on social media. Tech companies need to examine their role in aiding and abeting racially-motivated violence and take a stronger stance on hate speech and threats. And our own elected officials must forcefully and unequivocally condemn white supremacism and nationalism.

“Deadly racial hatred is a global phenomenon, and it’s time for our policymakers and elected officials to recognize and combat the threat. Racially-motivated mass killers have targeted racial and ethnic minorities at an increasing rate over the last several years, from the Mother Emmanuel massacre in 2015 to the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting this past October.

“Every case of racially-motivated violence is heartbreaking, but there is something especially heinous about attacking people when they are gathered at worship. However you choose to worship, meditate or reflect, please keep the victims of these attacks and everyone affected by racist terrorism in your hearts.”

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