Walmart & Kroger’s Response To Gun Violence Highlights Senate Leadership’s Shame

By National Urban League
Published 09 AM EST, Thu Nov 14, 2019

National Urban League President and CEO Marc H. Morial issued the following statement regarding the ongoing epidemic of gun violence:

“Recent announcements by Walmart and Kroger requesting that customers not openly carry firearms, along with Walmart’s decision to stop selling certain types of ammunition and handguns, mark a significant turning point in the effort to protect Americans from gun violence.

“In every sense, these actions represent a genuine commitment to customer service. An overwhelming majority of Americans are demanding action at every level to contain the gun violence epidemic, and responsible corporations are listening.

“Unfortunately, our leaders in the U.S. Senate are not listening. When 90 percent of the American people support background checks for all firearms sales, and two-thirds support a ban on military-style assault weapons, the principled course of action could not be more clear. Senate leaders have, instead chosen the path of cowardice.

“The firearm industry is losing its stranglehold on our political and legislative institutions, but not fast enough. As long as Senate Leader Mitch McConnell refuses to consider the commonsense gun safety laws passed by the House, it’s clear his loyalties lie with the gun lobby and not with the American people.

“We must do everything we can to urge the Senate to do its job. Call (202) 224-3121 to speak to your Senators and let them know they were elected to defend your safety and your family, not the profits  of the gun industry.”