Urban League Report Focus on Closing Achievement Gap in Kansas City

By National Urban League
Published 07 PM EDT, Wed Oct 16, 2019
african-american-poverty (1).jpg

Since 2006, the Urban League of Greater Kansas City (Kansas City, MO) has been looking at closing the exposing the socioeconomic gaps between black and white people in Kansas City.

On Thursday, the organization released its latest State of Black Kansas City.

The report showed African Americans in Kansas City made significant gains in social justice, economics and civic engagement overall. The gains have been stagnant in recent years.

The nearly 200-page report shows how to close the gaps and takes an in-depth look at several factors including economics, education, health care, crime social justice and civic engagement.

“The overall society for white people is doing fine. We need to look at the disparities,” said Gwen Grant, President and CEO of the Urban League of Greater Kansas City.

The report found that the median income for African Americans in Kansas City is about 54% less than white counterparts.

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