ReMarcs: Condeming Racism

By National Urban League
Published 11 AM EDT, Sat Oct 19, 2019

The notion that people of color are somehow less American than white people is patently racist. This was unequivocally the notion behind President Trump’s suggestion that four members of Congress – all U.S. citizens, three of them born in the U.S. – “go back” to the places from which they came. 

The incident hit home for me. As a child, I was among the first few Black students to integrate a formerly all-white elementary school, and I was frequently taunted and told to “go back” to the Black neighborhood from which I came. Most people of color have a similar story to share, whether or not their families are recent immigrants. 

The fact is, we are Americans, and we’re not going anywhere. We must stand firm against white supremacy. The House’s rebuke of President Trump’s comments reinforces our commitment as a nation to the American ideals of diversity and inclusion. 

-- Marc H. Morial, President and CEO of the National Urban League