The National Urban League has served African Americans and the long-term unemployed since our founding in 1910. The Urban Tech Jobs Program (UTJP) builds on this history and mission to connect the long-term unemployed to good-paying jobs in the Information Technology (IT) sector.

Our Approach

Too many American workers, upon losing employment, remain unemployed for months at a time, even as thousands of high-growth jobs in the Information Technology industry are available due to an inadequate supply of appropriately trained workers. The National Urban League, in partnership with national employers such as Comcast, AT&T, and Time Warner Cable, launched the Urban Tech Jobs Program (UTJP) to train these long-term unemployed individuals for various IT positions.

The UTJP targets the long-term unemployed and trains them for middle-skill occupations in the Information Technology (IT) sector. By placing unemployed participants into entry-level IT positions and coupling the work with training, participants can progress to higher-wage occupations.


2025 Empowerment Goal:

Every American has access to jobs with a living wage and good benefits

Our Impact

Although the Urban Tech Jobs Program (UTJP) is still in progress, 412 participants have already completed training programs. Great strides made to-date include:


Participants Enrolled


Participants Enrolled in Training Programs


Training Completion Rate


  1. Job Training in High-Demand Occupational Fields
  2. Job Placement
  3. One-on-One & Group Mentoring
  4. Supportive Services
  5. Customized Case Management
  6. Behavioral/Mental Health Self-Empowerment Tools
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