Mortgage losses from the 2008 recession hit Black ownership the hardest. According to a recent study, Black homeownership is at its lowest point since the 1960’s. The National Urban League’s Restore Our Homes program strives to increase the financial stability and property values within African American and other minority communities affected by subprime loans and foreclosures.

Our Approach

We aspire to improve upon the services of Urban League affiliates by providing the assistance and support necessary to ensure they have the resources and capacity to serve the housing needs of their communities.

The National Urban League has been one of the top grantees of the National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling Program (NFMC), a special federal appropriation that designed to keep homeowners in their homes through the expansion the of foreclosure intervention counseling.



Every American lives in safe, decent, affordable
and energy efficient housing on fair terms

Our Impact

The National Urban League’s Restore Our Homes program has served nearly 100,000 homeowners in distress under the NFMC program since 2008. Of these homeowners, 71% were able to save their homes and 25% of these cases ended in loan modification or refinance of the mortgage.


resulted in payments less than or equal to 38% of the homeowner’s gross monthly income with at least a 5-year fixed rate


were sustainable even though the payment was more than 38% of the homeowner’s gross monthly income