Jobs & Workforce Development

Today's job market has become increasingly more difficult to navigate. As millions of Americans with higher education credentials and skilled trades are struggling keep up the pace with evolving technology and shifts in demanded skills, economically vulnerable populations are feeling more pressure than ever to make ends meet. We believe that one's employment should meet more than their basic needs, rather it should allow them to access a wage that allows them to live a full life, and provide benefits that protect them, and their families, from life's many challenges.

We have spent decades refining jobs and workforce programs that provide the hands-on support that people need to succeed, whether they are living paycheck to paycheck or navigating career changes. Each program meets the needs of different populations with a focus on assessing where they are, and where they want to go. Check out our signature programs below to learn how you can support our work in providing access to a living wage for all, or find the support you need today.


2025 Empowerment Goal:

Every American has access to jobs with a living wage and good benefits


Digital Career Success Series

The Digital Career Success Series are live online events with leading experts providing tips and
resources on topics surrounding career development, job seeking, and professional growth.

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Jobs Network

The Urban League Jobs Network is dedicated to helping you find a job. Create a professional profile on the National Urban League Job Board and browse open positions from top companies nationwide.

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Signature Programs

Urban Reentry Jobs Program

For many Americans, re-entering the workforce after a period of incarceration can be challenging. This hits communities of color, who are disproportionately represented in the prison system, particularly hard.

The National Urban League, who has served formerly incarcerated adults for more than 50 years, created the Urban Reentry Jobs Program (URJP) to address this inequity.

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Project Empower University

Since our founding, the Urban League affiliate movement has grown from a single chapter in New York to a network serving two million people in 90 cities across the country. Project Empower University gives them the skills to continue serving their communities and expand the movement’s reach.

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Urban Tech Jobs Program

The National Urban League has served African Americans and the long-term unemployed since our founding in 1910. The Urban Tech Jobs Program (UTJP) builds on this history and mission to connect the long-term unemployed to good-paying jobs in the Information Technology (IT) sector.

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Urban Youth Empowerment Program

Far too often, the mistakes young people of color make follow them thorough their life. Criminal records hold them back from gainful employment and create a cycle of challenges that persist if there is no intervention.

The National Urban League is committed to opening doors for young people by helping them complete credentials, career training and guidance through mentorship.

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Urban Seniors Jobs Program

Advances in technology and in changes in the nature of the work have unintentionally made finding employment for older Americans much harder. In response to these trends, the National Urban League established the Urban Senior Jobs Program (USJP), a subsidized service-based training program for low-income persons 55 years old or older who are unemployed and committed to finding employment opportunities.

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Urban Apprenticeship Jobs Program

The Urban Apprenticeship Jobs Program works to increase racial, ethnic, gender and other demographic diversity and inclusion in apprenticeship.

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